Sea Shore, Moshav Megadim, ISRAEL

The movie below shows the sea shore next to Moshav Megadim in ISRAEL. This sea shore is not unique for any reason. A natural distillation process happens here and it happens all over the world, in all seas, which cover more than 70 % of our planet’s surface. In this distillation process, the sea water, which contains a significant concentration of dissolved salts, evaporates into the atmosphere due to the heat of the sun. Impurities like minerals, which have a higher boiling temperature than water, are left behind. Gases with lower boiling temperatures than water are released through volatile gas vents. The water vapor rises up, and as a result it cools, condenses, and falls back to earth as rain, which is principally distilled water. This natural distillation of water is highly effective in removing organic, inorganic and radio-nucleotide contaminants, including heavy metals, industrial organic contaminants, pollutants and more. Bacteria and viruses are removed too.

If water consist of solutes with boiling temperature similar to water (like some of the hydrocarbons) they evaporate with the water.

Water distillation is one of the techniques for desalination. This technique is expensive and therefore other desalination technologies (like reverse osmosis) are commonly used.