Eshkol Reservoir (biological treatment)

In the question you studied about possible chemical treatment to reduce algae bloom. Another possibility is a biological treatment using fish. Mekorot is the national water carrier company of Israel, It pumps water from Kinneret lake (Sea of Galilee) and carries to Eshkol center, situated at Mekorot’s Eshkol Site. To enhance the quality of water, Eshkol reservoirs are populated with different species of fish (for example: tilapia, common carp and mullet), used as “sanitarians” in the water. The fish “sanitarians” eat the algae, and tiny animals, without polluting the water. The essential element in success of the treatment is to maintain a balance between the different species of fish. In addition, advanced softwares allow to diagnose changes in the behavior of some kind of fish, that may indicate about water pollution. After treatments, the water is pumped into closed pipelines across the country. To ensure that the people living in Israel enjoy quality water at all times, a drop of water passes number of treatments, until it reaches the taps at your home.