A new interactive system developed by researchers in the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University, can tell you if your home is at risk of flooding as a result of sea level rise or storm event of an extreme nature, and to assess the damage expected as a result:

The system was developed by Dr. Michal Leichter and Prof. Daniel Felsenstein, as part of a research project funded by the European Union (FP7). It allows for it, to simulate different levels of flooding along the coast of Israel, one meter to 10 meters, and examine what social vulnerability and future economic under any scenario.

Scientists say that the Mediterranean Sea level will rise up to a meter and a half high by the end of the century.
At Acre, a rise of one meter will result in flooding of streets with a total area of 730 thousand square meters and a floor area of about 91 thousand square meters, damage worth 198 million residential buildings and 89 million worth of industrial structures, and risk of 2,420 inhabitants. A rise of 2 meters would expose 7,791 residents risk, with damage to residential buildings worth $ 655 million and industrial buildings - 208 million.

an Image of Acre under sea water - from the interactive system