The Proliferating of Cyanobacteria bloom

Recently, it was suggested that the reason of the increase in Cyanobacteria bloom might be connected to global climate change.

 The long-term data of Lake Kinneret show that the ambient conditions in the lake have changed in recent decades. These changes, which may be connected to global and regional climate change, include a slight increase in the air temperature during spring and summer, less precipitation, reduced water inflow and changes in the stratification pattern. Anthropogenic interventions in the lake and in its watershed were applied in order to provide a wide range of services for the local population. these are some of causes of the appearance and blooms of  Cyanobacteria  in the Lake of Kinneret , However the bloom is mainly restricted to winter/spring time , but increases during the summer time.


Extreme storms followed by periods of drought can lead to more algal blooms like this one seen in Iowa in 2011.

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Climate change might affect rainfall patterns, leading to alternating periods of drought and intense storms. This can cause more nutrient runoff into waterbodies, feeding more algal blooms.