Isreal oceanographic & Limnological research

The connection between the subject to these place:
This point is the place where the studies thet the question have been talked about, are conducted in. Haifa and the North in particular and the country in general.
you can look more up to in in the link:
and on the mater of the subject:

The connection to the data point location on map:
It's exactly the place.

The connection between the  information point to our daily life:
I felt the need to raise this point Because it belongs to the subject,
And because it belongs to us directly- it is located in our own city.

We experience The consequences Of what was said in the article, on the daily life in our region,Both in water pollution And in the diluted fish population.
this is An endless circle, harms- fishermen, and local employment, and nutrition in our region.
In our region, the damage is done because of the chemical plants, fuel farms, industrial plants that pollute and damage the seawater.

Sincerely hope that this will stop soon, and the sea will heal from the severe damage coused by a the humans.