Orot Rabin Power Station

Very close to where I live, is Israel's largest electricity producing power station: Orot-Rabin.

 (Photo: Yoav Etiel)

Approximately 10 Km from my house in Zichron Yaacov, you can find that site, right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is Israel's first site where electricity was generated from coal in the early 80's of the twentieth century. Today, the station can operate also on gas. The station is capable of generating about a quarter of Israel's consumption. It is close to the shore because it's using sea water for the cooling of the turbines. Also, there is a special dock adjacent to the plant for unloading the coal arriving on cargo ships.
The coal consumption when the station is working at full power is 18,000 tons of coal per day. The two first chimneys are 265 meters tall and the third one is 300 meters. 

The construction of a fourth one is not yet completed. Around the chimneys are scattered a few monitoring stations checking the quality of the air every 6 minutes.

In-spite of much efforts by the Israeli Electricity Company to project an image of environment-friendly, many complaints toward it have arisen over the years: the coal unloading pollutes the sea, the used cooling water are returned to Hadera river, hurting it as a habitat because off the warm water temperature and the saltiness of water, the process is creating a lot of coal ashes and is polluting the air.  To that list, we can add the possible acidification effect off the sea water as a result of the coal burning.

(This information was taken from the Israeli Electricity Company web site: https://www.iec.co.il/community/pages/orotrabinpowerstation.aspx  and Wikipedia).