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Question: Boyle

But why it’s called Boyle’s Law? And what is BOYLE?

It’s the name of the scientist who found this law, Robert William Boyle, who was born in Ireland. He was an Anglo-Irish natural philosopher, chemist, and physicist. Among these various roles, Boyle did the chemist job best in his life.


So, what does “CHEMIST” do? Let me show you an example. Boyle’s girlfriend loves violet very much, so he put some in his lab. One day unfortunately, they were splashed with hydrochloric acid in an accident. Boyle hurried to wash them immediately and put them back into the vase. After a while, Boyle found that violet’s purple color change to be red! This phenomenon inspired him to do a serious of experiments to test the interaction between flowers and acid-base, and led him find that litmus extract can turns to be red with acid, and turns to be blue with alkali. With this feature, Boyle made the most commonly used pH test paper – litmus paper.