Surface tension
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In my experiment, I wish to examine how soap affects the strenght of the surface tension belonging to different, water-based liquids as well as one, non-water based liquid (low surface tension - supervision and control). I will do so by percieving the motion of pepper upon said liquids when the surface tension begins weakening. So, without further adieu:

What is the relatoin between the surface-tension of a liquid and the patterns of motion upon it under the influence of detergent substances?

Watch the video and follow the instructions below.


1) Pour four liquids into flat plates (recycable): oil, orange juice, vinegar and water. 

*Make sure you use an identical amount of each (use a measuring cup).

2) Scatter black pepper on top.

3) Dip a Q-tip/finger in simple, dishwashin soap.

4) Dip the coated Q-tip/finger within the liquid.

What happenes?   

5) Use a ruler to measure the diameter formed (CM).

6) Write down the results. 

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