Backgammon Game
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Consider throwing a coin multiple times. Even huge amount of times. Let's discuss - what would be the number of times you would get a particular side out of the total number of throws?

Let's see that in any occasion of throwing a symmetrical coin, the chance, or probability - that's the scientific name, of getting one particular side of the coin is one out of two options. That's 1 of 2, meaning probability of 1/2 to get a particular side.

Here is a video of throwing one Shekel coin multiple times. Please record the number of occasions that each side of the coin was visible.


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What's the ratio of the number you've recorded to the total number of the results? How close is it to 1/2? What would it approximately be if we would throw the oin for 1,000 times?

It appears that the longer you throw and play with the coin, the closer the above ratio would be to the probability, which is 1/2.


Now you have a different story, please answer the following question:

Danny and Tali play backgammon.  They play for hours, making many throws of the two playing dice. If the total number of game turns was 360, what would be the approximate number of occasions that Danny and Tali saw six on both dice?

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