The tragedy of the commons
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"What is the most important misued resource in your geographical surroundings?"

The goal is to take the students aware the shortage or misused of the resources in their daily lives.

Please see Blossoms video "Tha tragedy of the common "

Design a game which demonstrates a source misused or in shortage and possible solution for it.

Please see the video in the followimg link as an example .

After designing the game and experiance with your friends pleae do the following : 

Write a list of resources that are missused in your day to day inviroment ,  

Take one of them of for example.

Search it on the Internet for more information.

Go and Observe it in the daily lives.

Talk with some experts or teachers who know much about it online or offline.

Discuss ways it might be prevented and what might happened if it  is not prevented.

Suggest if you can do something to improve it.

Share your ideas online and response to others' ideas.


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