Sea level rise risk
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The sea level we lock in will increase

Sea level is a term describing the altitude of the water at sea

Global warming due to human activity has countless examples all over the world.

      Global warming is basically the constant rise of the world average temperature in time.
The rise of the world temperatures causes processes which give rise to the sea level.

temperatures range difference:

Increase in summer temperatures.
Increase in the length and intensity of heat waves.
Increase in the frequency of extreme temperatures.

Sea level rise causes real flooding threat to populations which live near the shore and with low altitude.

Implications of sea level rise in Israel
Damage to the economy

Increase in flood frequency

Salinization of water sources

Increase in frequency of coastal cliff collapse

As a succesfull buisness wo/man, you want to invest a huge amount of money to buy an offices in  T.L.V. (sea level)

for future spreading of your son’s company, the pursecase will be completed in 2100, which floors should you be looking for if you want to be safe from waves (up to 3 meters), according to the Graph?
This building has 10 floors (25 meters)

in the following link

you can locate this city, find the hieght above sea level and answer the question.

In addtion you can locate your own hometown and find the hieght above sea level, and find wether or not you are in a direct risk of flooding.

please locate the address ______

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