Why is the Dead Sea the saltiest body of water on earth?
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The Dead Sea is the saltiest [high salinity] body of water on earth located in the Afro-Syrian rift. Salinity is not defined as only NaCl [table salt] concentration. The mineral composition of the Dead Sea is actually mostly not made of NaCl. Most of the salts are bromine and magnesium mixtures. The high density created by the salts cause the human body to be able to easily float in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is continually shrinking due to its high evaporation rate. The Dead Sea will never completely disappear but could get very small. There is too much incoming water from surrounding rivers for it to completely disappear.

 The Dead Sea is also located at the lowest point/elevation on earth, therefor it has a high atmospheric pressure. The sea is also landlocked, meaning it has no outlet. The only way water can escape is through evaporation. The climate in the Dead Sea area is also almost always sunny and warm, baking many of the minerals into large salt formations. 

Why is the Dead Sea the saltiest body of water on earth?

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