Glasses for any light condition
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Designing a PBL assignment and providing an example

  1. Design a PBL assignment

Glasses for any light condition

Explanation about the choice of the idea

After a long discussion, we chose the subject presented. This topic is related to our everyday life and it is much demanded (especially in the Chinese market). Moreover, this project is created to give a solution to a well-known problem among people who wear glasses: changing glasses from everyday-use glasses into sunglasses when going outside to the sun. Now, our innovative idea is based on this principle and we would like to create friendly-to-eyes glasses those are turning to reddish shade so it is good for the usage with screens.

We thought about a solution to the problem presented in a chemical way.

Designing the assignment

Background of the topic:

As you see in everyday life, many of the people around you wear glasses. Have you ever minded of a world in which people would wear just one pair of glasses for any light condition? Both sunlight outside and screen light indoors?

Now, it is your turn to invent such a device!


  1. The teacher will divide you into a small group of 4-5 students each.
  2. Each group should search and write in the literature for the need for such a device.
  3. Discuss the problem described with your peers and think of a solution.
  4. Document the plan of the work.
  5. Be prepared to present your product to the classmates in two weeks (15 minutes of the presentation).

Our expectation from you (explanation of the 5th guideline written above):

  1. Skills: Communication with your peers and teachers, technology skills and both creative and critical thinking.
  2. Presenting the product upon to the instructions:
  • The need for such a device (25 points).
  • Present your device (a model of the device) (25 points).
  • Why is the idea you presented innovative? (25 points)
  • Why is the idea you presented better than other ideas? (25 points)
  • Bonus: ask an expert about your idea and present it. (10 points)

Good luck! :)

Our video:

Group 2: Chengming Mu, Kaizhong Jiang, Zhexian Li and Alina Ryndin

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