Algae bloom
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Lake stratification is the separation of lakes into three layers, two main layers (top layer and bottom layer) and one layer on the middle which separate the two main layers, the separate of these main layers would influence the concentration of the nutrients on the layers, it's happening during the summer season and reduce the concentration of the nutrients on the top layer, because all the nutrient will be sank.

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We can see in this graph the two main layers separated and there is a change in the temperature at different depths in the lake, in addition of the temperature, the nitrogen separate (it is known that there are two types of nitrogen, the atmospherical nitrogen and the dissolved nitrogen)

The red section shown in the graph is the warm water, the blue section is the cold water, and we can see the sharp raise of the temperature between the layers.

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Recently the bloom became popular because of the global warming, that rise the temperature all around the world.

What is the preference of the algae that lives on the top layer of the lake and how does it effect the bloom?

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