Water Pollution Effect on Sea Ecology
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Sea pollution is caused by a long list of several factors such as:

Chemicals – directly via sewage, which flows into the sea, and indirectly via polluted underground water:


(Picture Credit to Queensland Government website,  Oil and chemical pollution webpage). 

Oil – from oil drilling rigs and tankers catastrophes:


(Picture Credit to Mirror UK website, Dolphins and turtles at risk from oil spill off Canary Islands holiday beached webpage).

Radioactive waste – nuclear waste dropped into the sea:


(Picture Credit to BBC news website, Nuclear waste needs good home webpage).

Sewage, plastic pollution and more:


(Picture Credit to INDEPENDENT website, Scientist warns we could be berthing in microplastic particles laden with chemicals webpage).

Plastic sheets and bags have harsh effect on fish and other sea creatures:


(Picture Credit to coolerlifestyle website).

Breathing is one of the existence needs of every living creature. Fish breathe using thier mouth and gills:

(Video credit according to Standard YouTube License - Education category)

Plastic bags in water have an immediate effect on sea animals:

(Authentic video, created by Ofer Goldhirsh)

What is the most immediate and likely damage that plastic bags pollution at sea may cause?

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