The correlation between people and sea pollution
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Pollution is one of the primary ways in which we people have caused drastic modifications of wildlife habitat.

It was widely assumed that no matter how much trash and chemicals are dumped into the sea water or into the ocean, the effects would be negligible. There was even a catchphrase: "The solution to pollution is dilution."

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The dumping of industrial, nuclear and other waste into oceans was legal until the early 1970's. Nowadays, many national laws, as well as international protocols, forbid dumping of harmful materials into the sea and ocean.

One of the most harmful materials which cause sea pollution is plastic. Its production increases all the time, since we all find it comfortable using them.

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Sadly, many of these single-use bags and bottle corks find their way to the sea, where they are often mistaken for food by hungry sea turtles, dolphins, whales and sea birds.

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In the following assignment you'll help us to investigate the sea shore:

When you go to the sea, please use your camera to take 1 - 4 pictures or a video of the shore where people are spending (no need to take pictures of people, only of the sand and the sea). Please refer to the following parameters:

1. Were there a lot of people around?

2. Was the shore clean?

3. Did people you've seen helped to keep the shore clean?

4. Were those people using plastic bags?

If you don't go to the sea, please use one or more of the following links to provide the desired information (and a picture, if applicable):

You can use other similar links as well.

Thanks for providing the information!

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