Noise Pollution as function of location
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Do you know the feeling when you're trying to fall asleep, but the noise from the outside is disturbing you? This phenomenon is called "noise pollution" and is usually caused by transportation like cars, trains airplanes etc. You must have heard that noise-induced hearing loss can be caused either by the outside noise (like trains) or by the inside (like hearing loud music).

Sound intensity is measured in dB (decibels). 0 dB is the softest level a human ear can hear. 65 dB is a normal intensity of speaking, and  145 dB is the intensity of fireworks' noise. When we're exposed to noise over 85 dB for a long periods of time, our hearing might decline.

In this inquiry question, we are going to check what's the sound pollution in your every-day life. You are going to measure this by using the "Sound meter" app as demonstrated in the attached video. Please choose 2 different locations throughout your day- one very quiet- for example, in a bedroom with windows shut, and one very noisy- i.e in a car/ at a restaurant or just outdoors. Then add 2 points on the map with each of the measurements (use the average value over 30 seconds), with a screen shot of your phone attached.

Thanks for participating! 

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