Carbon Monoxide level in different areas
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"Silent killer" - carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that reduces the ability of hemoglobin binding oxygen and therefore is called the silent killer. In addition, it is considered one of the greenhouse gases that increases the greenhouse effect causing  drastic climate changes. In the past, the source of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere were volcanic eruptions. But today , the main source  of the atmospheric gas is due to constitutional burnning of natural gases, cooking gas, cigarette smoke, gasoline vehicles and wood burning.

In our research, we are interested to find out the association between the level of carbon monoxide gas in the atmosphere and numbers of vehicles passing in the street for duration of 5 minutes intervals in different places.

So you are asked to download  " Automatic Car Accounter " app to your phone and start counting number of vehicles passing in front of you. Then visit the website in order to check out the level of carbon monoxide in your current location.

Repeat these two steps above 5 times, then build a graph to summarize your results. what is your conclusion from this research ?


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