About the ocean acidification phenomenon
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The term 'Climate Change' is a big topic these days. It refers to several related phenomena such as higher temperatures noticed, more droughts, changing rain and snow patterns, melting glaciers, rising sea level and increased ocean acidity.

Oceans becoming more acidified, is a problem created by our actions. As an outcome of the increased burning of fossil fuels, related with the developing industry, huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released to the atmosphere. At least a quarter of that amount dissolves in the ocean water. This affects the water's pH, causing it to gradually slightly drop over the years, as the CO2 reacts with ocean water to form carbonic acid (H2CO3). It also hurts many types of marine organisms living in the ocean interrupting nature's natural balance.

Please take the time to watch a short movie about Ocean Acidification, made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

After watching the movie, check your understanding with the question below:

Look at the suggested schematic graphs below. They are aiming to present the tendencies of the Carbon dioxide's (CO2) amounts in the air and in the ocean and the oceans' pH levels, over the years. Take a careful look:

Which of the following, is a true description of the oceans acidification phenomenon?

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