The Anomaly of Water
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Why does ice float on water ?

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because the volume of water in the solid state is greater than its liquid form.

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because the volume of water in the solid state is smaller than its liquid form.

.because the volume of water in the solid state equals its liquid

1.  ghadban hussein (2009-12-20 15:00:00)
floating ice
The experiment shown in the video is very good. The question and answers are phrased in a good way.
The point on the map, the continent of Antarctica, is an example of how chunks of ice floating on the water
2.  kheir sereen (2013-12-20 15:00:00)
comment for mohand
the point on the map is relavant to the topic of the question,the text on the poine on the map was good but I prefer that it be more summarized , the video on the map also was beutiful and relavant to the topic , the video of e the experiment so clear and simplifies the understanding of the question , but i see that you didn't mention the topic of denisity on the answer, although you talk about it on the explaination on the point on the map . 
and the correct answer confusing me because you gave us(on the explaination on the point on the map) data about the denisity of ice and water but you didnt considered that on the answers .  
3.  kheir sereen (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
More information

Why does ice need more space than cold water ?

water cools to become ice  expand instead of contract due to hydrogen bonding


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When cooling down below 4°C, water expands. When it freezes at 0°C, the volume increases once again. This unusual behaviour has something to do with the structure of solid and liquid water: In the liquid, the molecules can move relatively freely, whereas in ice, they assemble into regular structures with big hollow spaces in between, which require more space.

Since ice has a lower density than water, it floats on the water. You know this from ice cubes in a drink or from icebergs floating in the sea.

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