Environmental problem

Environmental problem - changing the natural environment, leading to disruption of the structure and functioning of nature, climate change. Can be anthropogenic  affect and the result of natural disasters.


What happened with our world?


•Atmospheric pollution

•Soil contamination

•Water pollution

•The depletion of minerals

•Ozone depletion


The consequences

•Climate change (Greenhouse effect)

•Natural disaster

•Extinction of species
 of animals and plants

•Social change

•Problems with health

•The melting of the ice


One of the consequnce is global warming, what is a long-term increase in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system observed over the past more than a hundred years, the main cause of which is human activity.


Eastern Garbage Patch-accumulation of garbage of anthropogenic origin in the North Pacific ocean.
Now it’s the biggest of  5 Garbage Patches.


Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. It is an alternative to "conventional" waste disposal that can save material and help lowergreenhouse gas emissions. Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution, and water pollution.



Learn recycling. Why is it important?
Do an experiment: Take organic plastic, paper and plastic of the same size. Put each one in a container of water and stir it occasionally. What happened to each piece? Why? 
What material is better to use for domestic purposes?


Provide an answer by clicking on "Map" and then on "Add an Answer".

Results, Analysis and Discussion

1.  sawaida amany (13.12.2019 pm 02.06.29)
הערכת עמיתים- אמאני סואידה

שלום רב,

השינוי באקלים הוא נושא שמאוד חשוב לכולנו כבני אדם החיים על פני כדור הארץ, ולפי דעתי צריך וחשוב להיות מודעים להשלכות הפעולות שלנו שאנו מבצעים בטבע על האקלים ועל חיינו העתידיות. העלאת המודעות אצל התלמידים שלנו בהיותם צעירים מאוד חשובה גם כי הם משפיעים על המבוגרים וגם כי הם אנשי העתיד.

בחירת הנושא היא מצוינת במיוחד בעידן שבו אנחנו שומעים הרבה מאוד על הנושא הזה, יופי של נושא שהוא גם קרוב לתלמידים וגם להורים שלהם.

כל הכבוד על כך שדיברת בסרטון שלך בעברית ורואים את ההשקעה שלך וזה מראה על כך שניסית גם להתחשב בעמיתים שלך שלא ממש מבינים אנגלית, הסרטון לפי דעתי ארוך מידי היה כדאי להוסיף אנימציות יותר ולהפחית מהמלל שיש, רואים את ההשקעה בסרטון וכדאי היה להוסיף עוד אנימציות להסברת הנושא.

הניסוי שהצעת מעניין מאוד, היה כדאי להוסיף ציר זמן למשל אם שמים את השקית ניילון או השקית נייר במים עמוקים ליום מה קורה ליומיים או אפילו לחודש ולתאר את התופעה.

מאוד נהניתי מההסבר שלך מעניין מאוד וכל הכבוד

אמאני סואידה

2.  levy paola (16.12.2019 pm 05.49.25)
Pear assessment

Dear Olga,

The topic you choose is essential to everyone. Exposing students to this tragedy as soon as possible is urgent. They are the future grownups that will have to deal with it. 

Using pictures from the short video is brilliant. It keeps the whole inquiry together and keeps its cohesion. However we have to adjust the map for Hebrew learners or English learners.

The way you connected the climate change, pollution, environmental issues and recycle make a lot of sense and feel natural in that order. 

Maybe you handle to much information at once, however it seems that your goal was the connection more than go deeper into each topic. This brings me to the research itself that was focused on the problem of pollution like the experiment and the solution like recycling. Maybe it is better to switch the order from problem to solution. 

The first part about recycling is to general. Maybe focusing students on the recycling that is possible in their environment will be helpful. 

Thank you for a great inquiry 


3.  levy paola (16.12.2019 pm 07.02.52)
peer's assessment

I forgot to share that I didn’t know what product is organic plastic so I just used paper and plastic

4.  levy paola (22.12.2019 pm 08.40.12)
Paola's picture of your experiment

5.  Moadi Diana (24.12.2019 pm 01.19.38)

Hi Olga,

Decreasing global warming is one of the most challenging tasks that the world is dealing with nowadays. Thus, it is essential, as teachers, to expose our students to this phenomenon to reduce the dangers caused by this effect as much as possible.

I loved how you presented the reasons and consequences in a chart, making it easy to understand, and how you combined pictures that require and develop skills of reading and analyzing graphs (note: pay attention to the languages of the images and make sure it is understandable). I also loved the animation you created. well done!

I didn't understand the reason you chose "pollution" and "recycling" to expand about, because there are so many factors that affect global warming such as the ones you mentioned in the chart, and they are no less important than those two factors. So I think it's necessary to point the goal and the main purpose of explaining about them.

Overall I loved your work, well done!

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