Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis Effect exists everywhere.

To a small scale, each person, each animal or even each drop of water is controlled by the force. 

To a large scale, the Coriolis Force pushes the global ocean currents to form.

Put it simply,Coriolis Effect in on the condition of the rotating system,which means there is angle velocity and the the axial velocity taking the earth's rotation into consideration.

According to those given above,assuming that you are in Canberra city,Australia,and you are throwing a paper airplane to the northern direction from where you are standing,which city will be the definition of the paper that is most possible?

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There is high chance that the paper airplane will land on the land of Melbourne city.Because the global is just a huge rotating system and everything on earth will be affacted by Coriolis force.And there are different situations in the two hemispheres as the video shows.In the southern hemisphere,there will be a curving direction in the left not the right according to the earth rotation,besides considering the direction is a curve,so the definition can only be in the southwest of Canberra.Thus the correct answer is Melbourn.

Sydeney is in the north-east,namely the right side  of Canberra.Because Australia is located in southern hemisphere,the currents or the stream will turn left effected by the earth's rotation.So the paper will never land on Sydney.

The same feedback as the answer A(Sydney)

Adelaide is almost parallel to Canberra.Compared with Melbourn,it is less likely the final direction.


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