The tragedy of the commons

"What is the most important misued resource in your geographical surroundings?"

The goal is to make the students aware of the shortage or misused  resources in their daily lives.

Please see Blossoms video "Tha tragedy of the common "

Design a game which demonstrates a resource misused or in shortage and possible solution for it.

Please see the video in the followimg link as an example .

After designing the game and experiance with your friends please do the following : 

Write a list of resources that are missused in your day to day inviroment ,  

Take one of them  for example.

Search it on the Internet for more information.

Go and Observe it in the daily lives.

Talk with some experts or teachers who know much about it online or offline.

Discuss ways it might be prevented and what might happened if it  is not prevented.

Suggest if you can do something to improve it.

Share your ideas online and response to others' ideas.


Provide an answer by clicking on "Map" and then on "Add an Answer".

Results, Analysis and Discussion

1.  guo zheng (14.08.2017 pm 06.10.10)
Peer review for the work- Zheng GUO

Well done! I really appreciate your efforts in making this video and demonstrated the misuse of resources by such a creative way. The shuffled card represented different kinds of resource and in order to get the same category of cards it will take a great deal of time and efforts to achieve so. By doing so, I think the meaning of misallocating resources was well elaborated. However, on the other hand, I did not understand how the video reflected the essence of resource shortage. Such issues are also very important in our daily life and should have been emphasized in the work. From my point of view, one solution could be the re-design of the game, making the amount of different cards (resources) vary from each other as an indicator of resource scarcity. And in this way I think the results could be more meaningful. To tot up, great work with creative solutions. I enjoy watching the video.

2.  piorko ran (15.08.2017 am 09.48.09)
reply for Guo zheng

Hello , 

Thank you for your constractive and positve comment , 

I would like to add that the video is part of a bigger assignment , which was detailed in the Inquery Queation .

The video ment to trigger curioisity and there are some things that the student has to do after he watches the video , this will supply him with more data regarding resources in shoratge in his day to day and possible solutions but in much bigger depth . 


3.  Shalev Smadar (16.08.2017 am 10.55.43)
Comments for your great question

Great job - it is made of a new idea – your use of the concept of inventing games and creating something new – contributes to creative thinking, I really enjoyed watching the video and in my point of view – it has achieved its goal.

Designing a game is a great idea, but do the students have enough directions? I'm afraid that as a student who designs games-this may not be a part of his or her daily routine, this task might be difficult and even a little bit scary, so I would suggest to give some more details, hints or directions of how to do it.

The idea of designing games in order to demonstrate a resource misused or in shortage and suggesting a possible solution for it – is not only innovative, as was said before, but also assists in teaching the student the skills which are  required for critical and creative thinking, develops  awareness for misuses around us and make it all – fun. Also it is connected to our daily life – my kids, for example, never tired inventing new games and they  keep changing the rules until it fits their ideas and goals

I fully agree with the idea and the use of games. I would also recommend to use some more material, for example:


4.  piorko ran (16.08.2017 pm 02.00.23)
reply to Smadar

Hi , 

Thanks for the feedback , I will look up  the links you sent and try to learn from them .



5.  HU QIONGYIN (17.08.2017 pm 06.31.24)
Peer review for the work- Qiongyin Hu


Well done! It is really a creative video which encourages students to think further and create funny activities by taking consideration of serious issues in the society.

As two members in my group gave some suggestions on the video,I want to share my advice on your second part.

I do recommmend that before letting students wirte down the resources that are missused,it is better to encourage students to do a group survey outside the classroom first.So they can choose an area they are truly intersted in instead of making decisions casually without deep discussion.In this way,it can encourage students to finish their task later more responsiblly and motivetelly.

In a word,you put the step 3 and 4 at the begining and redo it later in more details.

Besides,I got a question.I think before designing a game of advocating the solutions,they need to understand the problem first,otherwise the game won’t be both fun and thoughtful.

For example,you know about the resource problems before,so you design this.For a student,I think they need to know more about what they want to express,then they can design the game in a funny way.

So I think designing the game is the last step which requirs higher order thinking.

Last but not the least,I am so appreciated for the good idea of designing a game to share with others.Hope for your feedback soon as well.



6.  Min Gao (17.08.2017 pm 10.01.46)
Peer-assesment-Gao Min

Thanks for your painstaking effort. The project designed by your group is really entertaining and shows three important resources in the world:  water, air and fossil. And also, you give some suggestions about how to prevent the overuse of environmental or manmade resources.

By the way, I think you just showed the overuse of environmental resources, but didn’t show how shared resources are overused. In your video, I didn’t observe whether all resources are shared or not.

The guideline as provided by you is perfect. If students who see this PBL do it as guided, they will learn the threaten situation of overused resources in their daily life as well as around our world. They will also be inspired to think about possible solutions to this problem.

7.  CHIANG QIAN (18.08.2017 pm 10.16.56)
Peer review from Jiangqian

Thank you for your innovative work.I really enjoyed watching it. 
Your video provide me with new ideas on how to make stem fun. I think playing game is a method to better engage students in the class and I believe by doing so they can gain a better understanding of the conception. Besides, your video Clearly reveals the conception of mislocated resources and how difficult it is to rearrange it. I am impressed by the way you desplay it.
Your kind line is well organized and I believe students who follow the guidelines will Have a deep understanding of the, resources. And I think it would be better for you to, put more contents of your guide line into the video like how to "Go and Observe it in the daily lives."

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