density of materials
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Density is a characteristic property of a material, which expresses the relationship between the mass of the material and the volume (how much space the material takes up).

According to the video, where do we float more easily?
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Dead Sea
We sink in water

1.  mreny raghda (2013-12-20 15:00:00)
Hi shorouq,
I like the topic of the question, the connection between the question and the point on the map is excellent. The information that you added to the question helps to understand better the question and the the topic. However, I would prefer to change the question to a deeper one ( I assume that students who would answer the question had learnd about density). example:

why the egg float in salt water but not in fresh water? 

2.  iz dina (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
density of materials

i think that the location you specified is good The topic is interesting and related to the subjects of the students learning program .. you have to give information before the question..
your video is great, the question is so easy, I agee with raghda you can ask according to the video why the egg float in the water with salt and where do we float more easliy .

I adedd the point on the map, dead sea..

good luck!

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