Nir Etzion Dairy Barn

As is well known, all mammals feed their infants with milk which is produced from the female’s glands.

Humans in many cultures around the world, consume milk of mammals like cattle and sheep, as a food product (drink the milk, eat milk products like cheese, yogurt, butter and other). For this purpose humans grow cattle/sheep (and others) in farms, separate the infants from their mothers, and take their milk for human use. An example for such farm is presented in the movie below.

Each mammal produce milk which is exactly suited for its infant needs. Therefore there are differences in the milk ingredients of different mammas, but nevertheless there is a lot in common: generally, milk is an emulsion of oil and water, which also includes a mixture of proteins, sugars, vitamins and minerals.

A certain time after milking, the milk is naturally separated into its components: fat, protein, and liquid. This separation does not spoil the milk, but creates clumps and sediment which are not considered appealing for drinking. In order to have a uniform texture, the milk is usually homogenized: it is being shot through a microscopic tube at very high pressure in order to mechanically crush the big fat cells into small cells which assimilate into the liquid and lose their ability to concentrate again. As a result, the fat is scattered relatively equally in all parts of the milk. Such milk, is called homogenized.