First Name: Lera
Last Name: Baburin
Phone: 0546306523
Institution Name: Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Country: Israel
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Questions for Baburin Lera

A mass of an apple
5 Comments 514 Views 2015-11-30 15:34:55
Shlomi is an agricultural researcher in an experimental farm in Malkiya. He is developing a new species of apple, and he mannaged to grow an extraordinary apple. For his research, Shlomi needed to measure the apple`s mass. Unfortuna... Continue Reading
Volcanoes and acidic rain
0 Comments 360 Views 2016-08-11 09:16:04
In August 14 2016 a satellite took pictures above the Pacific ocean. In the picture, ash plumes are visible above Yasur volcano on Tanna Island that suggest volcanic activity. The nearby villages can be effected by the volcanic activity on many level... Continue Reading