First Name: Alon
Last Name: Shacham
Phone: +972549599007
Institution Name: Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Country: Israel
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Questions for Shacham Alon

The Dead Sea level and local political prosperity
5 Comments 377 Views 2016-05-08 06:29:11
The area of modern Israel, or Southern Levant, has always been located on the verge of desertification. In periods of low precipitation the desert line tends to move to the north within this region, and when precipitation is high it is pushed to t... Continue Reading
Does what we drink depend on where we live?
1 Comments 321 Views 2016-06-02 20:39:14
Is there any correlation between where we live and the kind of beverage we prefer? We would like to define our home location as an independent variable and our preferred beverage as a dependent variable, and to check whether some correlatio... Continue Reading