The impact of changes in species diversity on dissolved oxygen in water
An increase in Earth's temperature caused many changes in the sea, such as species extinction and species invasion.

An example of species extinction is Kinnert Bleak (fish):

The increase in temperature causes a drop in Kinnert level, and reduces the breeding grounds of Kinnert Bleak. As a result, the number of fish in the Lake is decreased and in the end, this will lead to its extinction.

An example of species invasion is Cyanobacteria:

Cyanobacteria is able to perform Photosynthesis in high temperatures. Thus, unlike other species, it can adapt to the water's high temperature, and this enables it to become an invasive species.

The graph below shows the change in global temperature and carbon dioxide concentration over a 120 year period


Source :

The video below shows an example about the effect of global warming on the diversity of coral:

There has recently been a significant increase in the burning of fuel.

How should  the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water vary in the area where the species composition changed as a result of rising the burning of fuel?

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The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is not dependent on the burning process.
The amount of dissolved oxygen in water decreases as a result of burning.
The amount of dissolved oxygen in water will not change as a result of burning.
The amount of dissolved oxygen in water increases as a result of burning.

1.  RIECHSTIEN RIKI (2015-05-20 16:00:00)
Structure and content comments

I think that the issue of species diversity is  important to know and very Interesting

from the aspect of structure.
1. The location of the presentation problematic may want to consider an earlier 
2. I think the presentation is too long
3. Unclear graph axes
4. No detailed explanation of the graph
from the aspect of content the Information is detailed way that allows a quick solution of the question

2.  Hajouj khawla (2019-05-20 16:00:00)
About your question

Group 1 Hey,

Most of the things I wanted to write, have already written to you Ricky & Matan, your question integrates several issues that require thinking in order to answer the question.

I see that you have made changes of the paragraph that contributes to a more understanding of the question. About the graph, the temperature rises as a result of fuel combustion, but I do not suppose it increases as you shown in the graph (straight line).

There is a connection between the information in question was added. Most points on map shows the issue of burning fuel and its effects in general, except the point of Ekram that closely linked to the question and expands the information about cyanobacteria and contributes to an understanding of the question.

For improvement:

* Add a graph that illustrate the change in temperature of the water in the Kinneret during the year.

Kinneret monitoring and research Lab Activity Report 2013 Report IOLR 2014 / T11 June 2014

  • For video, I suggest adding another more focused around the Kinneret, because it refers to the phenomenon in general.

3.  Maskit Matan (2021-05-20 16:00:00)
Comment to your question

Dear group 1 members,

* The subject of your question is interesting and important.
* The introduction is clear and contains good examples.
* The question reflects an appropriate level of understanding.

* It seems that you mixed between the subject of the question (species diversity) and the general subject of Global warming: The graph and the movie gives general information concerning global warming and not really connected to the question.
In addition, most of the points on the map connected to the general subject of global warming and not really connected to the question. 
* The movie you added it's not sharp enough.

Ideas to improve:
* Change the movie, it will be great if you will show a movie concerning species diversity. I found one in the attached link:

* Change the picture (the graph). it doesn't help to solve the question and not connected to the introduction.
* Try to locate points on the map that connected directly to the subject of species diversity (like Ekram's point)

Goof Luck,
Matan Maskit
4.  iz dina (24.05.2016 pm 04.32.48)
The title is a bit long. 
The topic is interesting ,
and related to the subjects of the students learning program. 
You have to give information with some pictures that a member of your group have taken or pictures from the net before the question.
I think that the location you specified is good.
The video you have chosen is related to the scientific subject but not directly related to the question. 
I think that you have to add this video properly (It better appear as a video icon not as a URL address.   
 The question is not suitable for publication in international tests, is quite easy.
You have to change your Graph.
The location on the map directly related to the student's physical location.
The information is directly related to daily life of the student
Dina Iz
Good luck..

5.  Hijaze Ekram (28.05.2016 pm 11.31.10)
improving question
thank you all :)
We read and considered the comments , and decided to change the  previous graph and to add Matan's video .

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