Is global warming due to heat produced by power plants?

In this question we will try to find out is it possible that global warming results from the energy released in burning fuels.

In how many degrees centigrade does our planet heat up every day due to the power invested in it by the power stations?


Earth heat capacity (model assumption): c=4200 J/liter °C

Earth radius (known since ancient Greeks): R=6400km

Power stations power: P=1013 Watt (for more details, click the second point on the map)

Note: this is a large numbers calculation, do it with care.

For more information click the first point on the map. This will lead you to the largest nuclear power station in the world and to a detailed explanation on the calculation you are required to do.

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About 1/10 C per day. This is the main cause of global warming. Any energy source but the sun will cause the same problem
Less than 1 part in a million degree per day. This effect is negligible.
About 1/100 C per day. This effect causes earth to heat in 1 C every three years and it is a major part of global heating
About 1/1000 C per day. Currently, it is not a problem, but should mankind, using nuclear power plants, willincrease by a factor of 10 power production, this is a real danger

1.  Shacham Alon (2020-05-20 16:00:00)
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Very interesting question and the movie is simple, yet bring the message.

I liked the idea of trying to find other reasons for the global warming, other than the greenhouse effect. Moreover, I liked the idea that you show that this reason is not why the planet is worming, yet, the reasoning is scientific, make a logic sense, and you showed in a scientific way, that it is not the planet worming cause. Great!

Comments / suggestions:

  1. In your question, you suggest to use water heat capacity as a model for the planet heat capacity. I think you need to suggest a reason for the validity of this assumption.

  2. As the “Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich” mention, the efficiency of a typical generator is about 30%, so you get that humankind produces about 5*1013 of joules every second, and not as you mentioned in the question. This will make the question more close to reality, but will not change the conclusion.

  3. Another piece of information you luck to mention is that a lot of heating energy used by humankind include biomass fuels, such as wood and charcoal used for heating and cooking, which are major energy sources in many countries. Again, it will not change the conclusion you mention, but to my understanding, it should be mention.

  4. Please… Change the bold font of your question. See how it looks in the web. Thar is not much space between the lines.

I enjoyed reading your question!

2.  Abu Wasel Egbariah Mariam (2021-05-20 16:00:00)

There is a connection between the question, the video and the information points. When the video illustrate and demonstrate the question. The   information points, add more information to help us out with the solution, when some points are mentioning the energy consumption in different countries and others  are about the raising of the global temperature.

The first point is given further explanation, which helps the students to solve to question. When the other two points, are mentioning more information, so the students widen there horizon and learn more about energy consumption and global warming.

First, I like to recommend text editing, so all the sentences look the same.

Demonstrating an example that can show us how we should solve the questions, is a great and helpful idea.

I agree with Shacham Alon, in point 2. Using a percent of efficiency will make the problem more realistic.

 Besides that, you did a great job.

3.  Bdarne Miriam (25.05.2016 pm 07.36.34)


The subject of your question is very interesting and important.

A bout the video :

* There is a clear connection between the video and the question.

* The video is simple , clear and short.

* The video contains formulas that help to resolve the question.

* Not all the letters in the video known what they mean , so you should add what each letter stands for because not all the students learn physics.

A bout the information under the video :

* There is connection between the information and the question.

* The information helps to resolve the qustion.

* You can add formula to calculate the volume of the sphere.

A bout the information of the points :

The three point are apporiate to the question , the point 1 helps to resolve the question. the point 2 and point 3 provide more information to the subject of the question.

The images on point 3 and point 4 are not original , you should to replace htem.

**Use the same font to the question to be more organized.

Great job :)

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