Water Pollution Effect on Sea Ecology

Sea pollution is caused by a long list of contributing factors such as:

Chemicals – directly via sewage, which flows into the sea, and indirectly via polluted underground water:


(Picture Credit to Queensland Government website,  Oil and chemical pollution webpage). 

Oil – from oil drilling rigs and tankers catastrophes:


(Picture Credit to Mirror UK website, Dolphins and turtles at risk from oil spill off Canary Islands holiday beached webpage).

Radioactive waste – nuclear waste dropped into the sea:


(Picture Credit to BBC news website, Nuclear waste needs good home webpage).

Sewage, plastic pollution and more:


(Picture Credit to INDEPENDENT website, Scientist warns we could be berthing in microplastic particles laden with chemicals webpage).

Plastic sheets and bags have harsh effect on fish and other sea creatures:


(Picture Credit to coolerlifestyle website).

Breathing is one of the existence needs of every living creature. Fish breathe using thier mouth and gills:

(Video credit according to Standard YouTube License - Education category)

Plastic bags in water effects drainage pipe:

(Authentic video, created by the question producers)

What is the most immediate and likely damage that plastic bags pollution at sea may cause?

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Sea animals suffer from chemicals

Human and sea wildlife diseases

Nearby coral reef extermination

Sea animals suffer from choking

1.  ghadban hussein (2018-05-20 16:00:00)
Plastic Pollution

Very interesting and enlightening subject.

Plastic Pollution is a very recent man made catastrophe, but it is persistent, pervasive and pernicious.  Once it gets into the water, it is causing harm to the environment and ecosystems, damaging coastal economies and ultimately affecting human health.

Entanglement in plastic debris has been responsible for the deaths of many marine organisms, such as fish, seals, turtles, and birds. These animals get caught in the debris and end up suffocating or drowning. Because they are unable to untangle themselves, they also die from starvation or from their inability to escape predators.

I really liked your approach in formulating the question, I would add data on the size of the damage caused to the environment and how it influenced the amount of fish drastically.

For example: "The plastic pollution harms an estimated 100,000 sea turtles and marine mammals and 1,000,000 sea creatures each year".

Attached: Youtube Links explaining the extent of the damage of plastic bags



What we are doing to prevent or reduce such damage?

2.  zinno birk haya (2018-05-20 16:00:00)
Coment on the subject and question


Water pollution is a wide subject, and a very important one. I like the way you represented the different kinds of water pollution by photos. The photos emphasize the relation to everyday life, and that pollution reduction is in our hands. I think that the connection between the video of fish breathing and the water pollution by plastic bags is not a strong one. The short video showing plastic bag interrupting the water flow in the sink was a very good demonstration of what can happen in water or sewerage pipes. I would have loved to read a short story (maybe a short article from the papers or an invented one) before the question. It could have helped "connecting" me (or a pupil) to the question.

Hanni's geographic point is very good, because she gives her opinion about cleaning the beach, and connects it directly to the plastic bags on shore and in the water. I liked her showing a personal point of view.

The point of Palmachim beach is strongly connected to water pollution, but not to the subject presented in the question. If the question relates to plastic bags pollution, maybe a specific data about the amount of animals effected by, or a story of saving a turtle ect could make a stronger connection.

The point of the Shafdan is giving a lot of information about wastewater treatment, and also refers to polluting the sea, but (again) doesn't give a hint / information / story / explanation of the specific subject in the question.  

You tube videos showing the damage of plastic bags to nature:




Good Luck!


3.  . Lior (2020-05-20 16:00:00)
Reply to Ghadban Hussein
Hussein, thank you for visiting and making remarks.

Here is a study that showed a mortality of 40,000 seals each year due to plastic entanglement: 

Obviously the study outdated and the current numbers might be much higher.
4.  . Lior (2020-05-20 16:00:00)
Reply to Haya
Haya, thank you for your feedback.
I can see your point. Fish respiration itself doesn't demonstrate pollution harm. Nevertheless fish respiration understanding is vital to understand the point that fish do breath although they live in water. It's not an obvious point to know that fishes breath, especially for children, so we would like to emphasize it.
5.  arama shaul (26.05.2016 am 11.19.33)
Water poiiution
first I`d like to say how important is the subject you choose,
The idea of dividing the types of pollution and the effect of each type of pollution on water ecology is hellping to understand the pollution affects from the time point of view and in terms of how it impacts.

It was very important to present the ways to reduce each type of pollution, you could specify in a few words the ways in which we can cause a reduction in pollution directly and even reducing pollution indirectly as using green energy, what will reduce the reliance on oil and thereby reduce the need for transportation of oil and consequently the pollution caused by leakage of oil from ships.
The connection between the question and geographic location is partly, because you did not talked about any direct effect of pollution on fish populations and marine life.
The geographic location is good, since it is certainly relevant to the idea of arine populations.
The information contributes to the understanding, esspecialy Tzahi`s which talks about Palmahim beach pollution.
I wanted to see more information about the effects of changes in population size and changes caused by the pollution like smaller fish and so on.
I would like to see improvement is an example of the effect on the population size of a particular type of fish over a period of time and see some population living in the sea are at risk of extinction due to the effects of pollution.
6.  Ronen Hanni (30.05.2016 am 12.18.23)
Reply to Shaul

Hi Shaul,

Thanks for your comments and your offers.

There are definitely many types of water pollution and many aspects which can be referred to: here we chose to emphasize on plastic garbage, thrown by people, which causes to sea creatures death (choking).

7.  Abd Fidaa (05.06.2016 pm 10.55.57)
Air Pollution

The plastic pollution is an important and interesting issue, that affects our lives. Thus it is critical to further study this topic and to understand its future implications.

Since the plastic pollution can cause a lot of damage, we have to seek for possible solutions, which can improve the situation and reduce the pollution negative effects.

Also we can explore deeply a specific plastic pollution event by trying to investigate the mechanisms and the results of such event, and then rating the findings statistically in order to understand the event in a more accurate way. 

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