Stargazing is a nice hobby.

To implement this hobby, you will need to look for a good place to make observation.

Global map of light pollution

This movie was taken from the site of "International Dark-Sky Association".

Toshio likes to look at stars. However, he cannot observe stars very well at night because he lives in a large city.

Last year Toshio visited the countryside where he observed a large number of stars that he cannot see when he is in the city.  (PISA 2006)

How the intensity of light affects our ability to see the stars in the sky?
Photograph the sky from where you live.
The sky should be bright and cloudless. The photograph should be between the hours of 20:00 to 21:00.

Provide an answer by clicking on "Map" and then on "Add an Answer".

Results, Analysis and Discussion
The brightness of city lights makes many stars hard to see.

1.  Asakle Shadi (2018-10-20 15:00:00)

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