Air quality in different locations

Air quality is an essential factor in maintaining the balance on our planet - not just for humans, but also wildlife, vegetation, water and soil. Air quality means the state of the air around us. Good air quality refers to clean, unpolluted air. Poor air quality refers to high contaminant concentration air. Poor air quality can be a result of pollutant emissions from human activities. When pollutants reach high concentrations they endanger human health and environment.  

The contaminants that define air quality are: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide. Each one of them, according to the concentration, has a negative impact on our life.

For example : rising of carbon dioxide CO2 concentration in the atmosphere effects global warming. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas derived from human activities (like industry and transportation) that slows the escape of heat into space. The ocean absorbs about a quarter of the CO2 released into the atmosphere. Therefore CO2  is also the main reason of ocean acidification. Ocean acidification impacts on marine life and ecosystems. An example of this impact is increasing of jellyfish blooms and bleaching coral reefs. 

Because the air impacts our life, it is important to monitor air quality. By knowing air quality humanity can act actively and try to reduce his footprint on contaminant emissions.

We are trying to gather some data about air quality in Israel. This can be done by using an application called "BreezoMeter". In this application you can find an index, that  indicates the quality of air in your area. By using this application you also could get some advises and suggestions about planning your outdoor life like going out, doing sport and etc.

BreezoMeter app uses real time air quality data from air monitoring stations that are spread citywide and across country. Using these data, other data sets and an unique algorithm, it analyzes air quality dispersion and creates a map of air quality levels at street resolution.

We need your help on building a database about air quality in Israel as a function of  various geographic locations. Please, check  "Air Quality Index" every morning and evening during one week.

For providing these data you need to follow these steps: 

1. Download the application "BreezoMeter" on your cellular phone. 

2. Choose your location, so you can get  air quality index on this point.

3. Check air quality index (AQI) twice a day (morning and evening), during one week. 

3. Write down the indexes you got and send them to us as an answer to this question.

Following is the picture you will get on your screen when using BreezoMeter application.

On the top of the screen you see chosen location.

The number on the middle of the screen shows AQI.

On the second half of the screen you can find some advises for your outdoor activities. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and enjoy using BreezoMeter application.


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