What is the PH level of household tap water

The definition of PH  : PH is a numeric scale which measur the activity of hydrogen ion. The PH scale range is from 0 to 14, used  to specify the Acidity or Basicity of an aqueous solution.
ph=7 represents a neutral solution, lower numbres indicate increasing Acidity and higher numbers indicate increasing Basicity.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) maintains strict standards to appropriate PH levels in drinking water: the PH levels must be within the range of 6.5 to 8.5 to fall within EPA standards, assuming acidic or basic water is harmful.

The following  video will show you the PH level of tap-water, taken by Moran Pearlstein at kibbutz Snir, Israel.

OUR question is : What is the PH level at your home tap water ?

Add a point on the map which shows your home geographic location and write the PH value you measured at your home.

To answer this question you may need a PH indicator, which you can purchase at any pet store that have products for aquariums.

For this course - Maya Usher has our kit and you can pick it up from her office at the Technion.

Provide an answer by clicking on "Map" and then on "Add an Answer".

Results, Analysis and Discussion
The results are almost all identical- 7.4, only one is significantly different-7.0.

Analysis and Discussion:
Since the majority of results are the same , we can say we have a clear answer to our research - that the PH at Household tap water is 7.4, and that result of 7.0 is an exception.
On the other hand, there are many more parameters to check correlation between ,before setting to conclusions, such as:
  • It might indicate differences between areas, since all the results of 7.4 are from the north region of Israel, and the result of 7.0 is from the center region.
  • It might indicate that the process of water treatment that potable water are treated with may set them to the values of 7-7.4.

Research limitations:

  • The measurement tools where different at every location, and also most of them were not very accurate (scale of 0.2).
  • There are very few results.
  • The results are mostly from the north region - not enough geographical difference.
  • The results does not take considerations the piping materials and there affect on the water PH.

1.  Feldman Allan (29.09.2016 pm 10.35.37)
Why is the pH of tap water slightly basic?

It looks like the pH of tap water in Israel is around 7.4.Why is it the same for the different locations? Why isn't it neutral? Wouldn't that be better for people?

2.  Mostafa Alaa (04.06.2018 pm 06.17.18)
Peer evaluation

Your inquiry question is very intresting since it is about household tap water and that it is connected to our daily life, and it is important to for us to know the pH level of the water we drink.

there was enough information and exlplination about what is the PH which helepd to know what is the question about ,however there was no mention of why is the standards are 6.5-8.5 and what are the hazards of to much acidic or basic water to our lives.

So I suggest to add information about the importance to get tap water that fit the EPA satandards.

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