World Water Monitoring Challenge

The World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC) is an international program that runs annually from March 22 (the United Nations World Water Day) through December and equips anyone to protect the water resources we depend on every day. WWMC builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local waterbodies.

In this question you are being asked to test the water in a local body of water and post the results on AugmentedWorld.

The WWMC tests are

  1. turbidity
  2. temperature
  3. dissolved oxygen
  4. pH

You can make these measurement using a water testing kit like those available from WWMC

Provide an answer by clicking on "Map" and then on "Add an Answer".

Results, Analysis and Discussion
Retention Pond Osprey Ridge Drive, Lithia, FL 33547

pH: 6.5-7.0

Turbidity: 40 JTU

Dissolved Oxygen: 8ppm-100% saturated

Temperature: 26.5 degrees Celcius


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