DNA of identical twins

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TIMSS 2011 8th-Grade Science Concepts and Science Items

Identical twins have the same genetic makeup. In other words, they start out with the same genes, DNA sequence, etc. 

Twins are born. One is a boy and one is a girl


Which statement is correct about their genetic makeup?


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The boy and girl inherit genetic material from the mother only.
The boy inherits genetic material from the father only and the girl inherits it from the mother only
The boy and girl inherit genetic material from both parents
The boy and the girl inherit genetic material from the father only.

1.  Morad Sigal (2015-04-26 15:00:00)
Peer assessment


Hi Hend,


The topic is very interesting. The preoccupation with genetics opens a lot of options, especially in terms of providing a cure to diseases.


Here are some suggested points for improving the task:


1.     The source from which the question was taken was not specified.


2.     The opening question misses an explanation which refers to the topic of genetics. The information you wrote under "additional information" at the point you placed on the map – is the information that should have been there.


3.     The title of the task does not match the question – it should be in the context of genetics and not in relation to the Technion.


4.     The location you specified — if you selected the school of Medicine at Technion-Israel Institute of technology was needed to add relevant information pertaining to studies performed there in the field of genetics in general and on twins in particular, if such studies are done there. If not – change the coordinates on the map to somewhere more suitable.


5.     The images attached do not contribute substantively to the task. You could potentially select illustrations, simulations, and video and illustrate the topic of genetics.


6.     As far as editing the text: it is advisable to go over it again and pay attention to missing commas, use of capital letters in English.


Good luck, Sigal

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