Electrolyte strength and ions

An ion is an atom or a molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge.

An electric current is the flow of charge, either moving electrons in a wire, or the flow of ions in a solution. The ions are also known as electrolytes when they are dissolved in a polar solvent such as water, and separate into cations (positive charge) and anions (negative charge).

The electrolyte strength is determined by the amount or concentration of ions in the solution.

In distilled water solution there is no electrolyte strength, why?

There is an experiment that was conducted at Albyrone high school that explain how we can estimate the amount of ions in a solution.

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The amount of ions in distilled water isn't sufficient to indicate electrolyte strength.
There are no ions in distilled water.
All the answers are fallse
There are ions in the distilled water solution but they don't move

1.  Ryndin Alina (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
A comment for "Electrolyte strength and ions"
Dear Riwaa,
In my opinion, your topic is very useful and interesting for the students.
The video you added in the point is very helpful, and thanks to this video it would be much easier to determine what the correct answer is.

Things to do differently:
1. In my opinion, the question should be bolder or bigger. By doing that, it would easier to find out what to do.
2. I think that it would be great to put some pictures from the net of the atom model, or putting a photo of the structure of the copper chloride, for example, though it would help us to understand better what you meant in the introduction.
3. Pay attention to your English, there are mistakes. I'll give you an example of a sentence I think it would be better to rewrite anyway:
Your version: "There is an experinment which made at albyrone high school that explain amount of ions in solutions"
My version: "In the point which is viewed on the map, there is an experiment which was made at "Albyrone" high school. this video explains how does the amount of ions in  different solutions (concluding copper chloride) influences the electricity conduction of them."

All the other things are very nice.
Good luck!!!
2.  Karayanni Nardine (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
Hey Riwa,

The question and the subject you chose are very interesting and related to the study curriculum of junior high. As to the point on the map, the experiment is well executed, it helps answer the question and its related to the topic of your question.
Regarding the question itself I agree with Alina; its very confusing because there are a lot of English mistakes and no exclamation marks. In addition, the question can easily be missed.
My advice is to rewrite the question, making it clear to the students what they should do, for example: "After reading the paragraph and watching the experiment, answer the question by choosing one the four answers below". Also, there are some mistakes in the answers that should be corrected.

Wishing you best of luck,

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