The Power Station - what type of energy creates our electricity
In this video we can see how a fossil fuel power station operates. in general this type of station operates by burning fossil -fuel such as coal , petroleum or natural gas. in this example , we see a coal power station

 we start with the coal , then a number of energy transformations happen until we produce the electricity. 
What type of energy is directly transformed into electricity?
where does this transformation happen?

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There is no energy transformation . The electricity comes from the generator by itself.
Chemical Energy is transformed into electricity . This occurs when the coal in grind to dust
Kinetic Energy istransformedinto electricity . This transformation occurs when the turbines turn and operate the generator.
Chemical Energy istransferred into electricity . This occurs when the burnt coal heats the water and electrons come out.

1.  gavrieli benny (2007-12-20 15:00:00)
הערכת עמיתים

הי מרלן,

השאלה שהכנת רלוונטית לתוכנית הלימודים של מדעים בחטיבת הביניים,

הסרטון שצרפת עוזר להבין את השאלה, קיים קשר ישיר בין הסרטון לשאלה וזה מאוד יפה.

ממליץ לבצע השיפורים הבאים:

  1. .      הסרטון של השאלה – האם ניתן למצוא סרטון ברזולוציה יותר טובה אז עדיף.
  2. .      לבדוק סרטון בקישור על המפה בחיפה (אצלי לא עבד).
  3. .      לבדוק הפעלת סימולציה שהכנסת במפה בלונדון (אצלי לא עבד).
  4. .      נתבקשנו להוסיף נקודה רלוונטית על המפה + סרטון אישי בו אנו מופיעים ואומרים משפט רלוונטי באנגלית.

 הוספתי נקודה נוספת על המפה, תחנת כוח בצפון אנגליה.


 גבריאלי בני

2.  iz dina (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
The Power Station
I added a point on the map,(Naharayim) is a site on the border between Israel and Jordan where the Yarmouk River flows into the Jordan River. An hydroelectric power-plant had operated at Naharayim from 1932. The plant, established by Pinhas Rutenberg, produced much of the energy consumed in the Mandatory Palestine until the 1948 Palestine war. The canals and dams built for the power-plant created a man-made island. i think that the location you specified is good, but you can change the coordinates on the map to somewhere more suitable. The topic is very interesting, you ask agreat question! The information helps to understand but you can give more information and you have to give video that you prepared, and some pictures
3.  shehadeh marlene (2021-12-20 15:00:00)
comment on peer evaluation
hi Benny,
i think the simulation needs java to work , so maybe you can either try on a different computer or install what is missing , to run it
also , the video in the Haifa point is something that i made and it works fine!
please try again , so you can give me a review if the content 

one last issue , in the point you are supposed to put video/images and text . if you can add to your point on the map i'd appreciate it 

thank you :)
4.  shehadeh marlene (2021-12-20 15:00:00)
the naharayim power station point
hi Dina,
thank you for taking the tim eto read the question and review. 
i like the content of the point , it offers a different type of power station. 
if you can edit the point and add the text you put in the comment into the map point it would be great!
also try to add and image of it

regarding your comment about my point on the map, the video in the Haifa point on the map is my video- i made it in my kitchen.


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