Carbon Cycle In Nature

Carbon is an important element of all living creatures, accounting for 18% of your body.

Steps of the Carbon Cycle:

  1.  Plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the process of photosynthesis.
  2.  Herbals feed on these plants, whose food contains carbon, and is transferred to carnivores.
  3.  Animals burn food during the breathing process to get energy, releases carbon dioxide which returns to the atmosphere.
  4.  After the death of animals decomposing microorganisms bodies and return carbon to the soil, which is stored in the form of fossil fuel used by humans to start again and released to the atmospheric.



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In recent years, there has been increased logging of trees in the forests, in order to clear areas for agriculture, for construction, and for use of trees as raw materials for construction and industry.

What is the result of the increased excision of plants?

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Reducing the ozone hole.

Extinction of species of animals.

Rise in the rate of photosynthesis in planted plants.

Decrease in the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere.

Correct answer!

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Look at the video again and notice the photosynthesis step.

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The rate of photosynthesis does not depend on the lack of carbon dioxide.

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Remember the effect of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.

1.  Gavish Ifat (16.06.2017 pm 03.57.20)
carbon cycle and trees logging

Indeed the steps are described, however I didn't understand what is the meaning in step number 2. What did you mean by "herbals feed on plants"? Did you mean to describe the food chain? Did you mean to say that initial consumers eat the plants, which fixated the carbon to glucose, and then the carnivores feed on the vegetarians?

The movie is beautiful and it seems that a lot of effort was invested in it. In addition, after reading about the carbon cycle, than watch the demonstration, the student can understand in more depth the material. Additional strength is the question regarding the forest logging. Not only it raises awareness but also involves higher thinking order and implantation on knowledge.

Despites these values, I have concerns regarding the issue: 1. The arrows are moving fast and it can be difficult for a young student to follow and understand completely. I suggest to slower the movie and maybe to add a voice accompanying it. 2. Be more specific and accurate in the written steps. What is happening in the photosynthesis? Who eats who? I suggest saying explicitly that carbon is fixated and is transferred to glucose which is a source of energy. 3. The possible answers are not in the same length. 4. The feedback should be more accurate and related to trees. For example I didn’t understand how that photosynthesis does not depend on carbon dioxide is relevant to the question. I would have suggested writing the next feedback: think again, if trees are logged, how the photosynthesis will be raised? Or give the answer: the trees do photosynthesis. If they are logged, photosynthesis is decreased.

The overall the question is good concerning environmental issues and high order thinking. Some concerns along suggestions should take under consideration.

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