lung cancer treatments

Lung cancer may be a result of mutation in certain genes which encode to membrane receptors such as EGFR and KRAS. The treatments to lung cancer include:

  1. Operation, for small tumors.
  2. Radiation.
  3. Chemotherapy.
  4. Specific medications for certain genes. One of the medication block mutant EGFR membrane receptor, preventing chemical signals getting inside the cell and therefore preventing the cancer from spreading. The disadvantage in this treatment is the appearance of second different mutation, causing reoccurrence of lung cancer.

Combination of three antibodies tied to EGFR receptor. The next movie completes the lecture you have seen in BLOSSOM (in this link: and describe the antibody treatment.

In regard to the various treatment to lung cancer, is there advantage to chemotherapy over the antibodies described to treat lung cancer which is caused by any reason at all?  

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Not known. Each treatment has its own specific efficiency and depends on the cause.

No, chemotherapy harms every cell division and antibodies don't tie to proteins.

Yes. Chemotherapy is not specific and antibodies tie to all cancer mutations.

They both efficient in the same way because they both prevent spreading the cancer.

Correct! indeed, each treatment has its own efficacy, depends on the reason of lung cancer.

Wrong. Think again. Is it true for all causes of lung cancer?

Wrong. Are antibodies tied to all mutations?

Wrong. What are antibodies tied to? What is their function?

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I see that you worked hard to make this video , I appreciate that.

The way that you used to explain your thoughts was very sucsseful,the animations were useful and helped to understand the material.

On the other hand, there were terms that I didn't understand, because I didn't learn Biologically, so I suggest to define the terms in order to that every one could  understand your idea. 

At the end, the question was short and effective.

I noticted that after the wrong answers you explained why it's wrong, I think that it was very useful.

Good job :)



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