Natural Selection

Natural Selection is a basic mechanism of evolution. It is the process by which organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. Over time, this causes a change in heritable traits of a population. The idea of natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin in the 19th century.

Watch the video and then answer the question:

Which of the following best explains the process of natural selection shown in the video?

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Many brown butterflies did not survive following the predator's arrivaland were not able to produce offspring.

The bird is an example of environmental pressure that forced the brown butterflies to become green in order to survive.

The brown and green butterflies were competing for the same natural resources, and the green butterflies had a genetic advantage.

The butterfly population decided it would be better to produce green offspring, which are better suited to avoid the predator.


Think again - how are heritable traits determined?

Think again - how are heritable traits determined?

Think again - notice that the question relates to the process shown in the video.

1.  dahley hafeeza (01.07.2017 pm 09.18.01)
natural selection

The subject of the question is interesting but the question itself is simple, even though I am not related to the field of environment / biology, but it was easy for me to understand the question and solve it correctly.

The video is very beautiful and demonstrates the subject in a simple, interesting way with a clear language and a good explanation. The paintings and the colors that are combined with the words are very important.

 The video started as a story with the sentence "once upon a time" ,this sentence attracted the attention of the reader and made  him concentrate on the story to the end. The answers are also simple and the reader has no difficulty answering them, but the feedback is not so detailed or gives direction to the reader, for example, you can give a feedback to the first option : "Can a brown butterfly turn into a green butterfly?" As if to give the reader indication that this process cannot happen.


Due to the importance of this subject for all organisms, one could ask a question about another natural selection, not what is shown in the video, and thus we can make sure that the reader understood the subject correctly.

You can give an innovative example of this issue as the cases described in this link


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