Wagon Wheel effect

The wagon-wheel effect (alternatively, stagecoach-wheel effect, stroboscopic effect) is an optical illusion in which a spoked wheel appears to rotate differently from its true rotation. The wheel can appear to rotate more slowly than the true rotation, it can appear stationary, or it can appear to rotate in the opposite direction from the true rotation. This last form of the effect is sometimes called the reverse rotation effect.

Here is a video that demonstrate the wagon wheel effect on helicopter choppers:


In the following video you can find more about the wagon wheel effect. In the video you can see a wheel that seems stationary. The video explains the connection between the wagon wheel effect and the camera's recording rate.

In this video you can find a detailed explanation about the effect. Watch the video and answer the question.





What makes us see  a filmed spinning wheel as it spinning backward or being stationary?  

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The camera captures the wheel in the exact position in any frame, or in a position that it looks as it is spinning backwards.

The film makes the wheel spin faster than it is in reality, and in high speed the wagon wheel effect can be noticed.

The type of the wheel. For a very large wheel we won't see any effect.

Our eye is too weak to see the wagon wheel effect without special equipment, and the camera is more complicated than our eye.


Note that you can see the same effect with a spinner in a light of a fluorescent, but not outside under sunlight.Can you think why? 



No, please check the last video for the correct answer. 

No. Our eye is much more complicated than any camera. It is exactly the cause for the wagon wheel effect. Watch the video again and answer correctly.

This is not true. The only thing that matters is the Frames Per Second the camera films. 


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