What type of energy does the skater possess as he is moving up the track as shown in the picture above?

Run the simulation below for help:

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1.  Goldik Rivka (2010-12-20 15:00:00)

I think is a very good question. The idea to use the skate board to speak about potential and kinetic energy is a good idea, because it is related to the children world.

The animation is very useful in order to answer the question.

I didn't understand the relation between the point on the map and the question. May be is a good idea to find a skate park in any country and to add it as a point on the map. I add the Caesarea skate park.

I hope you can see the comment and the point on the map with the picture. I don't know why it "disappear" before.  

2.  Goldik Rivka (2010-12-20 15:00:00)
Skate park

I found the point on the map with the skate park.

1) There is a mistake in the text it should be "skate park"

2) You have to give the name and not the address. Click to change the name .

3) May be you can add a photo of the place .

3.  Galkin Amit (2011-12-20 15:00:00)

I've found your question nice and self expalined, thanks to the picture and simulation.

The simulation actually shows the energy tranfer, and the different kinds of curves, may also assist in understanding it.

I added a point on the map, of the first skatepark in the world (according to Wikipedia) - Tucson Arizona.

Of course, a direct link between the simple questions and points on the map may be somewhat artificial, but as we are dealing with youngsters, such points may adequate.

4.  ghadban hussein (2011-12-20 15:00:00)


1. thank you for checking my question

2. I added a new point on the map, the largest skatepark in the world: SMP Skatepark (Shanghai Multimedia Park)

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