Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How creative products can come up from our daily life?

How regular materials from our environment can help us solving bathering problems?

Please watch the BLOSSOMS video, and than follow the instractions:

The Project is to find a problem in your environment and solve it with the following principles and goals:

Products instructions:

  1. Materials: recyclable, cheap, light, thin, flexible, tough, good-looking, materials can be variable.
  2. Suitiable Structure fit to the functions.

The use of internet:

  1. Evaluating the market: doing questionnaires.
  2. Making competitions: regarding materials, the shape, the quality, the design……
  3. Consulting: asking questions with experts.
  4. Advertising.
  5. Collaboration with the publishers and organizations who can use the product.
  6. Gaining feedbacks to improve the products.


  1. The skills to doing index and browsing for different materials and products’ properties.
  2. The ability of organization for our stages during the process.
  3. The ability of teamwork.
  4. The ability of global collaboration.
  5. Learning progressively from revise and reflection.
  6. Analyzing problems during the process and learning from our mistakes.
  7. The ability to come up with a problem, see into it and make a product which would solve it.  

Our Specific product: "Smart-Bookmark" is described in the short movie


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Results, Analysis and Discussion

1.  Dong Xiangchen (15.08.2017 am 10.47.17)
Assessment of the project

Firstly, thanks for the wonderful work and video. The example of Smart-Bookmark is a fantastic demonstration of innovation for students. Also, the idea of how regular materials from our environment can help us solving bothering problems is very inspiring for me, because I also believe that the innovation of daily life is much more important and more practical.

However, I also think that the tasks for students are not clear enough. After watching the video, students may be confused how they can also do the innovations by themselves. Here I have some advices for your group:

  1. Illustrate more about how to find problems in daily life, such as how to do questionnaires, how to ask professional people for help.
  2. Teach students how to choose among different plans. For example, there may be many different Smart-Bookmarks, and students need to evaluate the products to choose the best one.

But, generally, it is amazing that you are able to do such a good job in a short time. Another small mistake about spelling is the second line “bathering” should be “bothering”. Thanks again for the excellent video.

2.  Liu Jingru (15.08.2017 pm 06.08.47)
peer assessment about this project

First of all, thanks for your efforts to produce such an amazing video. It is so vivid to illustrate how to solve problems in daily life with simple and available materials. In my opinion, this course will stimulate the interest of students and attract them to make their own products. Moreover, it is closely related to everyday life and encourages students’ creativity.

There is something I want to discuss about. How to inspire students to find out problems in daily life is of great significance. From your perspective, students can evaluate the market by doing questionnaires. It cannot deny that questionnaire is an excellent way, but students need more instructions to learn about designing questionnaire by conceiving and sequencing questions. I also suggest another way for students getting into innovations in daily life. Inspiration always fleets. Students can cultivate the habit of recording their ideas in diary or something else, from which they are easier to find problems.

Overall, this project is well-organized, logically and intriguing. Many thanks to your outstanding job!

3.  Frie Itamar (16.08.2017 pm 04.41.59)
Peer review

Great work! You've done a really good job here and I enjoyed your video very much.

The BLOSSOMS video lecture you linked is also doing a great job leading the students through the steps of entrepreneurship, providing them with ideas of how to execute their project. So I understand why there aren't detailed instructions for it, and its o.k. But maybe you could clarify what exactly should be the outcome product of this project, i.e. are the students have to come up with an idea? With a prototype? With a presentation like your example video? I think it'll help.

Also, I suggest you use a different description for your video. Instead of "Our specific product…" - explain what it is, that is an example for an outcome project. Oh and please, do a proofreading :)

Regarding your example, do you think it's a good one? IMO, it is a great example of our capability of solving problems easily, but maybe not the best example for entrepreneurship, because a short market survey on the internet (a step you recommend yourself!) finds that there are already cheaper products than yours on the market.

But again, this is a very nice example for the aim of this project, and the video itself is well done regarding production values, and clarity in delivering the message. Overall I enjoyed it, thanks!

Yours truly,


4.  Li Chenggang (16.08.2017 pm 10.15.42)
Peer Assessment

It is truly a great job and I really love the video which gives an excellent example of problem-solving in our daily lives, and shows the significant convenience that the innovation can bring to us. Most importantly, the materials are easy to find and use in our everyday life, which encourages students to observe and explore environments around them and use what they have to deal with problems they may face.

However, it may be a little bit hard for students to find the problems in their daily life which they are not putting much attention on. It could be somehow deliberate if they just gather around and think hard about the possible inconvenience. So it may be better to point a direction for them, like narrow down the areas of the problems they may have. Or tell them the expected outcomes.

Anyway, the work is nicely done and the video is perfect. Thanks for your great efforts.

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