Acids and bases in our kitchen!

One of the options to determine whether a solution is acidic or basic (alkaline) is to make a pH indicator from red cabbage.

How does it work?

Red cabbage contains a water-soluble pigment called “anthocyanin”. The pigment changes when it is mixed with acidic solutions (pH less than 7) or with basic solutions (pH greater than 7). In neutral solutions (pH equal to 7) the color will stay the same. We can determine the changes according to the colors of “Red cabbage pH indicator colors”. 

Red cabbage pH indicator colors:

Tom wanted to identify the acidic substances in his kitchen among the following: milk, lemon juice, water and baking soda. Tom tested the substances with red cabbage juice. What he found out about the four solutions?    

I challenge you to check another substances in your kitchen!

Good luck!

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The water is acidic, the lemon juiceis basic, the milk is basic andthe baking soda is basic.
Thelemon juice is acidic, the milk is acidic,the baking soda is basic and the water is neutral.
The baking soda is acidic, the lemon juice is basic, the milk is basic and the water is neutral.
The lemon juice is acidic, the baking soda is basic, the milk is basic andthe water is neutral.

1.  Hajouj khawla (2009-12-20 15:00:00)
about your question

Hey Ansastasia,

I like your question, it's very good. It helps students to distinguish between acidic/basic/natural solutions by using pH scale.

the information you wrote before the question is useful, the video and image are related to question.

Good Luck,


2.  rozenblum yael (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
colleague estimation
I enjoyed reading your assignment. The picture of PH indicate and the experiment helps to understand the subject, gives enough information to answer the question and makes the learning fun.
Your explanation is easy to read and to understand, but I think you need to explain what determine the PH level (H3O+).
You didn't use the map. You can put points in different places (for example- in the sea) and explain what the PH there and why.
Beside this two points I think you did a great work.

3.  Hajouj khawla (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
about your question
you should add new point on map that more relavent to your question in order to add more information.
4.  Badiyan Anastasia (2026-12-20 15:00:00)

Rozenblum Yael and Hajouj khawla thank you for your comments.

The question related to students that have learned how to determine pH level. I think adding another information and explanation about what determine the pH level will make the question too long.

I added another point on the map-Orange juice.

Now there is two points on the map (one where I made the experiment and the second about Orange juice).
5.  Badiyan Anastasia (2009-01-20 16:00:00)

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