The Carbon Cycle
Since the industrial revolution the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) has steadily increased in the atmosphere, this is due to several different factors, most notably the increase in fossil fuel burning source and increased deforestation.

Watch the following animation and explain why could this lead to natural disaster ?

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It causes a rise in the oxygen (O2) concentration
In the future we will use up all the fossil fuel.
It illustrates the causes of global warming.
This violates the natural landscape and the overall appearance of the environment.

1.  Markowitz Dan (2014-12-20 15:00:00)

Hi Yasmine

 The subject of your question is very important and relevant nowadays, and also suitable for the middle school syllabus.

It was difficult to understand the the animation that you added to your question, since it didn't have any subtitles or audio, but the text that followed the animation was informative, relevant, and helpful for answering the question.

I had some problems understanding some sentences in English like "explain why this could consider" and I think you should improve the formulation of the question.

The point that I added to your map was Paris, with a video on the climate change conference and the international agreement on carbon dioxide release reduce. 

Dan Markowitz

2.  ULIEL MICHAL (2014-12-20 15:00:00)
Michal Uliel comment

Hi Yasmin

It is a good question, interesting and relevant.

The animation that you added to your question is   without   explanation.

I suggest another animation like :

The point that I added to your map was Alaska and arctic ocean. The  icebergs   in Alaska  and arctic ocean  are melting

3.  Abu Nimer Yasmine (2010-01-20 16:00:00)

Thank you  for your helpful comments.

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